Safety & Security Films

Safety and Security Films have an exceptional optical clarity and advanced adhesive performance.
Also offers protection from a variety of natural and man-made dangers, assuring your safety and your piece of mind.
Window films NIS Graphics use is backed by manufactures guarantee quality and pride.
Testing conducted according to the guidelines established within standards ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996 and Dade Protocol 201.
Meets the safety requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CRF 1201 Impact Test.
Backed by the strongest warranties in the business.

Natural Disasters

They often come without warning. But, they need not catch you unprepared. Safety and Security film provides advanced protection to prevent incalculable property loss.

Personal Safety

Safety and Security film protects lives by reducing the threat of flying glass. Advanced adhesives hold glass firmly in place to prevent untimely disasters.


Help protect your business and assets from devastating loss with Safety and Security film’s advanced multi-ply construction.

Industrial Accidents

The cost of human error on the work site can be immense. That’s why Safety and Security film is doubly reinforced to lock in place dangerous glass fragments.


Standard products are available in thicknesses ranging from 2 – 21 mil. Safety and Security film are virtually impenetrable.


Fire can quickly cause irreparable property damage. Safety and Security film helps isolate fires to prevent their spread to other homes or businesses.


The unique strength and durability of Safety and Security film is a result of our advanced adhesive formulation. When professionally applied to your interior windows, it provides a remarkably clear barrier of maximum protection.

Solar Performance

Safety and Security film with enhanced solar performance, offer the best of both worlds. Available in 4, 6 and 10 mil thicknesses, offers a dual reflective, elegant appearance while reducing the eye strain and glare that comes from natural windows.