Window Tinting

We have over 21 years experience in all aspects of home, and office window tinting we can tint any glass, anywhere. We are proud to use only top quality films which are guaranteed to provide the comfort and privacy you are looking for. Our films offer privacy, glare and heat reduction and can help you cut down on air conditioning and energy bills. We provide high quality window tinting at exceptional prices and we provide a quality guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.

Window Tinting Is Great For:
  • reducing glare and annoying reflections
  • lower energy bills as you don’t need as much air-conditioning
  • reducing fading for your car interior and home furnishings
  • increasing privacy for you and your loved ones
  • increased security as tinted glass will not shatter if broken

With the rising cost of electricity and the increased heat and humidity felt during summer, why not treat yourself to a decent glass tint so that you can enjoy your environment a little more? We stand behind every tint job which we complete and provide you with the advice and recommendations you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Protect Your Home And Family With Window Tinting Today!

The quality films which we use block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging u.v. rays. This will ensure that not only will your furniture be protected from fade and degradation, but your family will be protected from the sun. Further to this, we can also supply and install solar window film which is proven to block up to 82% of all solar energy. In doing so this film greatly decreases the interior air temperature of your home, office or car.

Increase Privacy With Privacy Window Tinting

Our privacy film has been proven time and time again to help block out unwanted visual intrusions.
The last thing you want is passers by looking through your living room window while you are relaxing in front of the TV. Privacy film will give you the comfort and peace of mind which will allow you to enjoy a close living environment whilst at the same time feeling as your family and loved ones have their own private area.

Protect Your Furniture From Fade And Sun Damage

Many of us do not realise that our furniture and home interior can be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays. By installing solar window film which can block up to 82% of solar energy it is possible to give a longer life to hardwood floors and expensive
furniture. With the fact that there are no legal limits to home tinting the options are endless with a large range of quality and trusted films.

Please contact us for help with your window tinting.